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Jee-Hae  Kim

Ph.D. Candidate

(Kunsthistorisches Institut, Allg. Kunstgeschichte, Univ. zu Köln, Germany)




An Art Liaison between Vienna and Vancouver

“Are the slow-scan pictures coming through? Ok, Helmut?, ok let’s start. Fangen wir an!”, with these words the Canadian artist Robert Adrian initiated the audiovisual exchange of the telecommunications project Wiencouver IV (1983). For the following three hours freeze frame pictures and live music were sent from Vancouver’s artist-run center Western Front to a cultural center in Vienna and vice versa by means of telephone lines, video cameras, and slow-scan machines.
     Wiencouver IV was one event out of a series of telecommunications projects between Vienna and Vancouver. Originally conceived by the Canadian artist Hank Bull the term “Wiencouver” is a neologism composed of “Wien” (Vienna) and “Vancouver” describing the imaginary performative space that opens up in the moment artists from both cities engage in a joint art event. According to Bull artists from Vienna and Vancouver were connected with the feeling of being on the margins.
     Both cities are situated slightly aside the former art metropolises like Paris or New York, geographically Vancouver is on the far east of North America and Vienna adjoined the former soviet bloc. Personal ties but also the geo-political situation in the 1980s therefore made Vienna and Vancouver ideal partners of a very productive art liaison.
     In my paper I would like to present the latest results from a research stay in Vancouver (Feb./March 2014) and deliver an insight into my on-going research on the telecommunications projects between Vienna and Vancouver.


Jee-Hae Kim is a PhD candidate and research associate currently working on a comprehensive study of radio art, a project funded by the VolkswagenStiftung. In her doctoral thesis she is dealing with collaborative constellations in telecommunications projects in Victoria, Pender Island and between Vienna and Vancouver from the late 1970s until the mid 1980s. She concluded her studies in Art History, Philosophy and Theater-, Film- and Television-Studies at the Universität zu Köln, Cologne/Germany with a Magister thesis on Bruce Conner's found footage films. She graduated with a bachelor's degree in Archaeology and Art History at the Seoul National University, Seoul/South-Korea. She served as a co-curator of the exhibition "Mack: Kinetik" (2011) at the Städtisches Museum Abteiberg, Mönchengladbach and "Beyond Radio: Kunstradio 25 Years Radio Art" (2012) at the Centre for Artists' Publication, Bremen. She edited the catalogue "Mack: Kinetik" (2011). Further articles of her were included in "Looking For Mushrooms: Beat Poets, Hippies, Funk, Minimal Art: San Francisco 195568" (2009).

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